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The best Beef Noodle of Pin Lone City which is over 50 years old.

We have discovered the Beef Noodle meal difficulty which is over 50 years old. In Pinlone City, this kind of meals can be available since the old days when we have to use coins.

We even made a scene about the Pin Lone Stone Pillar where our General Aung San and Ethnic Leaders had their negotiations.

And then we went to the pagoda that is built by the powerful Minebhone Monk, of course we worshipped the pagoda.

You guys can enjoy the beauty of Pin Lone City too.✌
Ma Khin : I became Toly Moly fan after watching amazing vlogs
wint phyo : Awn. Beef Shan Noodle is my favourite favourite.
Sumyat Pan : ❤
Yamin Thu Yamin Thu :
Chaw Thiri Myint : Rakhine state က blog လေးတွေ ထပ်တင်ပေးပါဦး ☺️

We have discovered the best Yakhine Mont Ti in Myanmar which love to use the 100 years old smasher..

In Than Twel City, we have discovered the best Yakhine Mont Ti Restaurant of Myanmar which love to use the traditional smasher and is over 100 years old.

The one special thing about this Restaurant is, they chose to use the Ngar Sar Nel Fish instead of using the Yellow Pike Conger Fish.

And another super special various snacks are available on Marnga Street, beside Daw Sanay Tobacco Shop, Than Twel City.

So you can watch about the best of Myanamr meals Mont Ti and various Snacks in this video. ✌
Snow Garden :
Manchester Utd : Not yakhine. Rakhine (Arakan) ok?
Htun Win Hlaing : စစ်တွေဖက်လည်းလှည့်ပါဦး
K Q : ပြောင်ချော်ချော်နဲ့ ငပေါ
aung htet : မွေးရပ်မြေလေးသတိရတယ်

Ranking the BEST & WORST Korean Skin Care Brands

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Dr Jart Mineral SPF*:

Then I Met You Cleansing Balm*: 

Primera Clean Berry Mask*: 

✔️ Rovectin Lotus Water Cream*:

Rovectin Aqua SPF 50*:

Neogen Micro Ferment Serum*:

Neogen Micro Ferment Essence*:

Isntree Green Tea Fresh Toner*:

CosRX Snail Mucin Serum*:


Primera- Worth It?\u0026ab_channel=Hyram

White Boy Tries CosRX:\u0026ab_channel=Hyram

Some By Mi Korean Skin Care- Worth It?\u0026t=235s\u0026ab_channel=Hyram

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*These are affiliate links that help me earn a small commission from your purchase. Each purchase supports me to keep working as hard as I can to make videos for you guys! Thank you for the support :)
Hyram : And my dumbass literally forgot to include iUnik... SHAME
SugArmyy : Can you talk about Japanese skincare products!? I don’t think I’ve seen you talk about them before and aim super curious !
Flo G : here are the time stamps 

2:48 Dr Jart (Squeamish)
4:04 Then I Met You (Still buying it)
4:52 Primera (Still buying it)
5:34 Rovectin Clean (Obsessed)
6:17 Laneige (utterly disappointed)
7:03 Some By Mi (still buying it)
7:51 Neogen (squeamish)
9:18 Krave Beauty (Obsessed)
9:42 Keep Cool (utterly disappointed)
10:44 Isntree (obsessed)
11:16 Dear, Klairs (still buying it)
12:27 I'm From (still buying it)
13:30 Tony Moly (utterly disappointed)
15:03 Pyunuang Yul (still buying it)
15:24 CosRX (still buying it)
16:25 The Face Shop (squeamish)
17:25 Innisfree (utterly disappointed)
18:30 Amore Pacific (utterly disappointed)
19:29 Nature Republic (squeamish)
enzo certeza : Absolutely obsessed: Rovectin Clean, Krave Beauty, Isntree
I'll still buy it: Then I Met You, Primera, Some by Mi, Dear Klairs, I'm From, Pyunkang Yul, CosRX
Squeamish: Dr. Jart, Neogen, The Face Shop, Nature Republic
Utter disappointment: Laniege, Keep Cool, Tony Moly, Innisfree, Amore Pacific
Cristina Diéguez : I always find it so crazy how skin care works so different for each person I tried CeraVe a few months ago after seeing everyone raving about it and it literally made me break out so much I had to stop using it after a few months. I even got a rash on my neck that was super itchy and that comes back every other week since then (I’m still trying to get rid of it, any tips? ☹️). But then I started using Innisfree a couple of weeks ago because a friend got me a few samples. And let me tell you, I fell in love so hard that I had to buy more. It had been months since my skin looked this good and hydrated! I have dry sensitive skin and I don’t really think I’m sensitive to their fragrance, I actually kind of like it. It makes the whole experience of skincare more relaxing to me




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